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"otogamenashi", "seeking Asylum", and "The Miserables" are all available on iTunes, amazon, CDBaby and Spotify.







You can see shows of suzumiki on youtube.

@A music video of the happy song "็’น‘ซ -alcohol march-" is up! Suzuyakko and Miki-tee are dancing silly in this movie. Don't miss out!

@This youtube is the 1st set show on Dec. 7, 2013 at homeri, Yotsuya. putting on a rabbit costume, Suzuyakko plays as Ms.Usako, an able sales manager of Hare Inc. why don't you join the mad tea party, the most popular atraction presented by Hare Inc?

Archives of UST program "suzumiki's LAB" are below. This funny, interesting program has been produced by Dr.Suzuyakko and her guests.

The 17th lecture broadcasted on Aug.13, 2013 is titled "Let's have a release party for 3rd album "The Miserables" and Mikio is BACK!". suzumiki had troubles caused by Mikio's alcoholic on recording. Suzuyakko and Mikio had fights everyday... however suzumiki has created great musics finally!
@Mikio Yoshimura (suzumiki alcoholic guitarist)

The 16th lecture broadcasted on July 25, 2013 is titled "Kei Akahori, the general editor of "poco a poco". this is a free paper for amateur wind and brass young players. he has a vision that any young players could have dreams about working for music. suzuyakko has an interview with him.
@Kei Akahori(general editor of "poco a poco")

The 15th lecture was special. it was broadcasted on July 24, 2013. titled "suzumiki's LAB SPECIAL a commemoration for release CD "Curtain Prelude" of Tawoyame Orquesta."
@Doctor Suzuyakko, Tawoyame Orquesta, and Haruka Takase (photographer)
sorry, it was only broadcasted lively. no archive.

The 14th lecture broadcasted on July 5, 2013 is titled "„H„t„‚„p„r„ƒ„„„r„…„z„„„u! Suzuyakko sends love to you from Russia" dreams come true! Suzuyakko bravely did play the pBone (plastic trombone) at Red Square. she plays "climson 20000". she composed this song for tribute to Russia. Russia police naturally stops her playing. however she never gives up...!

The 13th lecture broadcasted on Apr.15, 2013 is titled "Dr.Suzuyakko gets to learn cooking from Mari AGAIN!!". Some Tawoyame Orquesta!!! members, who want to be good at cooking, come together to Mari's Cooking School.
@Teacher: Mari Aizawa (Ba)
@Students: Dr.Suzuyakko (Tb), Tomoko Okamura (As), SAKKO (Tp), Marina Hoshino (Tp), Lilly (photographer)

@The 12th lecture broadcasted on Dec. 9, 2012 is titled "Welcome to a workshop by Team Haba! enjoying dishes cooked by Mari and Tomoko". Team Haba is reliable. Even though we have troubles in our life, Team Haba can bring us to the right way! Furthermore Mari and Tomoko treat us with delicious dishes.
@Team Haba:Satomi Haba (sax player for Tawoyame Orquesta, Yapani!, and The Cubes)
@Team Haba:Motoko Hasegawa(tp player for Tawoyame Orquesta and Son Reinas)
@Saori Kanazawa (Drummer for Tawoyame Orquesta)
@Tawoyame Cooking Club:Mari Aizawa (Bassist for Tawoyame Orquesta)
@Tawoyame Cooking Club:Tomoko Okamura (leader of Tawoyame Orquesta)

@The 11th lecture broadcasted on Nov. 4, 2012 is titled "Xin Chao! an interview to Rauch-on in Vietnam". Dr.Suzuyakko recently has had shows in HCMC. She takes an interview to Rauch-on, the most unique Japanese musician in Vietnam.
@Guest:Rauch-on (Yusuke Endo, CEO of Outsprin Inc, leader of the band "Moajuro")

@The 10th lecture broadcasted on Sep. 21, 2012 is titled "A meeting for suzumiki's first COSPLAY photo book". Number of Suzuyakko's costume has reached over 30 in fall 2012. Dr.Suzuyakko asks Neruyama ideas for the photo book.
@Guest: Neruyama (Movie Director)

@The 9th lecture broadcasted on May.9, 2012 is titled "Dr.Suzuyakko gets to learn cooking from Mari". Some Tawoyame Orquesta!!! members, who want to be good at cooking, come together to Mari's Cooking School.
@Teacher: Mari Aizawa (Ba)
@Students: Dr.Suzuyakko (Tb), Tomoko Okamura (As), SAKKO (Tp), Yukino Nakazato (Per)

@The 8th lecture broadcasted on Dec.31, 2011 is titled "Suzuyakko has held a "Wig and Cosplay Party"!. Some Tawoyame Orquesta!!! members, who always put wigs on stages and want to try her first wig and cosplay, come together.
@Guests (instruments):cosplays
@Mari Aizawa (Ba): Maid with cat ears, Marine girl
@Tomomi Kanari (Ts): Tinker bell, High school girl
@Hideko (Vo): High school boy, Honey bee
@SAKKO (Tp): Cat suit, Military girl

@The 7th lecture broadcasted on Oct.7, 2011 is titled "Welcome back, Miki-tee!". It was broadcast as a celebration of the release of the 2nd album "–S–ฝ -seeking Asylum-".
@Guest: Miki-tee (Guitarist of suzumiki)
Miki-tee is back! He was almost forbidden to be cast again in the 1st lecture, but for celebration of the release of the 2nd album "–S–ฝ -seeking Asylum-", he can come back. Dr.Suzuyakko and Miki-tee are talking about concert tour in Kyushu in September, and what happened when they were recording the CD. Sometimes Dr.Suzuyakko gets angry at unreliable and helplessly drunken Miki-tee. Don't miss out!!

@The 6th lecture broadcasted on Aug.30, 2011 is titled "Let's analyze an interesting person! Saori Kanazawa = The Beatles + ???"
@Guest: Saori Kanazawa (Drummer. band: Tawoyame Orquesta!!!, etc.)
An enjoyable 90 minutes about The Beatles and baseball. Saori loves The Beatles as much as she calls herself "SaoringošStar". She also loves baseball, especially the Yomiuri Giants pro baseball team.

@The 5th lesson broadcasted on Jul.25, 2011 is titled "Let's analyze an interesting person! Teruo Yoshikawa = Big band jazz+ ???".
@Guest: Teruo Yoshikawa (Trombone player, HMVP staff. band: Gentle Forest Jazz Band, etc)
Teruo's love for big band jazz has changed his life. He quit the job as an engineer to work as a staff of HMVP. (HMVP is a rehersal studio for big band jazz.) All of his interests and plans are about big band jazz.

@The 4th lesson on Jun.24, 2011 is titled "Please vote for suzumiki! Dr.Suzuyakko's Operation Moshimoshi!!"
@Cast: Dr.Suzuyakko
In order to break through the 1st round of Summer Sonic 2011, Dr.Suzuyakko asks many people to vote for suzumiki by phone on the air. This is an documentary movie in a sense.

@The 3rd lesson on May 28, 2011 is titled "Let's analyze an interesting person! Mari Aizawa = Bass + ???"
@Guest: Mari Aizawa (Bassist. band: Tawoyame Orquesta!!!, etc)
You might be surprised with Mari's various talents. She shows us how to make an enjoyable handicraft within 3 minutes, a slightly ironic picture-card show "A search for my husband", blind taste-test of M&M chocolates, an unique way of thinking: "music chords are identified as colors", and a diary about the growth of vegetables in her home garden.

@The 2nd lesson on Apr.6, 2011 is titled "Let's analyze an interesting person! Tomoko Okamura = Kawara Soba noodle + ???"
@Guest: Tomoko Okamura (Sax player, the leader of Tawoyame Orquesta!!!)
Tomoko is a very attractive woman. You can see various Tomoko. Cooking Kawara soba noodle, (Kawara soba is the most popular confort food in Yamaguchi Pref, her hometown.) special lesson to pass the test "how much do you know about Tomoko", her strange obsession with comics for girls...after you watch it all, you should be fascinated by her.

@The 1st lesson on Feb.8, 2011 is titled "Let's cause a chemical reaction! alcohol + Miki-tee = ???"
@Guest: Miki-tee (Guitarist of suzumiki)
Dr.Suzuyakko is also an up and coming resercher. She tries to add alcohol to Miki-tee more and more and observes what happens. The more he drinks, the funnier he speaks.

All movies of past shows has been uploaded to youtube.